About the Book

"Kicking SaaS: 101 Founders On What it Takes to Launch a Software as a Service" is the result of 100+ zoom calls, nearly 1k pages of transcription notes, and one question: What does it really take to launch a software as a service?

In August of 2020, Kelsey Yarnell–a SaaS content writer–set out to answer that question by talking to as many SaaS founders as she could. Her hope? Identify the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make in the process of starting a software as a service, and help aspiring founders avoid those same mistakes. 

As it turns out, there are more than just common mistakes that SaaS founders make. There are common mindsets, insights, and strategies that help founders succeed on the path to profitability. "Kicking SaaS" is for anyone that wants to sell SaaS, software, or really, any product. 

To learn more about how Kelsey reached out to 100+ founders, contact her at kelsey@kelseyyarnell.com.