Kicking SaaS: The Backstory

Kicking SaaS: The Backstory

The backstory

Today is the launch day of Kicking SaaS: 101 Founders On What it Takes to Launch a Software as a Service. 

I've been looking forward to this day since I first started this project, in August 2020. 

At the time, I hadn't interviewed one founder, but I had a crazy idea: talk to 100 SaaS founders, transcribe the interviews, and create a book for aspiring and existing founders. 

Today, I've spoken to over 100 founders from 17 different countries on how to start a software as a service

I've edited 966 pages of raw interview transcripts, zeroing in on what aspiring founders need to know to start a SaaS.

And I've learned a few personal lessons along the way:

- Launching a product requires you to be kind to yourself. When learning to self-publish Kicking SaaS, I made plenty of mistakes along the way (anyone remember my original launch date of August 2021?) I learned that making mistakes is not only normal; it's just one more opportunity to grow. 

Keep your copy clear and simple. I've been writing professionally for six years, and this is still a lesson I'm learning. I edited Kicking SaaS six or seven times before I finally felt like the copy was as clear and simple as possible. 

Stay organized in your communicationThere's a reason we're all in technology. We want to be as efficient as possible. Building a process from the get-go for scheduling interviews, following up with potential interviewees, and tracking interview drafts was critical. 

Finally, I honed in on my personal audience, or the people I want to serve. I want to serve aspiring entrepreneurs–I love their grit, passion, and willingness to take risks. 

Bottom line: Writing Kicking SaaS: 101 Founders On What it Takes to Launch a Software as a Service was a wonderful experience. I've finished the book feeling inspired and excited–and I can't wait to start the next one. 😉

If you're interested in buying Kicking SaaS, check out the book here

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